SEA Online Classes

Annabelle looked forward to taking Blair’s Marine Science classes every week. She was so excited to contribute to the discussions and really felt empowered by how Blair and Alison interact with the learners. Annabelle now feels more confident sharing her marine science knowledge with family, friends and really anyone that will listen. It also reignited a passion to save marine life. Annabelle felt so proud of the reports she completed and presented to the class. That was also thanks to the enthusiasm, love and support given to her by her AMAZING teachers. Thank you Blair and Alison!!! Annabelle is always engaged and learning. I love how real terminology is used and learned. No dumbing down. High expectations that all seem to meet! Blair and Alison are so kind and really engage with each learner and make sure everyone is seen, heard and valued.

Yvonne and Annabelle