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DateClassAge LevelClass TypeTeacherPriceAvailabilityLive Meetings
April 26 - May 10, 2023FlightScience 7-11elementaryLiveliveBlair Lee, M.S.blee$80Space AvailableopenWednesday 4/26, 5/3, 5/10 at 10am PST
April 27 - May 11The Periodic TableScience6-10ElementaryLiveliveBlair Lee M.S.blee$80Space AvaliableopenThursday

Experience & Activities

Blair Lee, M.S. is the primary author of Pandia Press’s critically acclaimed REAL Science Odyssey Series, and she is the author of The Science of Climate Change: A Hands-On Course and Project-Based Learning: Creating a Modern Education of Curiosity, Innovation, and Impact. Blair earned Bachelor degrees in Biology and Chemistry and Master’s degree in Chemistry at the University of California San Diego. She is a passionate advocate of innovative academics using secular materials. Through her speaking and writing, her goal is to empower educators to dare to be innovative and create something unique and academically-rich when handcrafting their child’s journey through learning.

When teaching at her local community college, Blair found that many of her students were lacking in basic foundational science upon entering college. She believes science can be and should be taught from the beginning of a child’s education. She began working with her son and his friends on methods of teaching science concepts usually reserved for high school or college students. The results of her research and writing are REAL Science Odyssey Chemistry 1, Biology 2, Astronomy 1, Astronomy 2, Earth & Environment 1, and The Stargazer’s Notebook—concept-rich, hands-on courses that engage young people’s minds and lay a firm foundation of science concepts. Blair plans on using these same methods while incorporating a project-focus into the online classes she will be teaching.

Blair now spends her time writing science for young people and is currently working on REAL Science Odyssey Biology 1 and Earth & Environment 2. She is also the founder of Secular Eclectic Academic (SEA) Homeschoolers, a supportive community of over 72,000 members that advocates for the exclusive use of secular, academic materials. She spends time in the SEA Facebook group answering questions and offering advice for that community. She lives in California with her husband, son, many dogs, and several guinea pigs. When not homeschooling her son and writing textbooks, she loves to ski, cook (most chemists are good cooks), read, and hike. You can contact Blair directly with questions about REAL Science Odyssey and SEA Homeschoolers at

Books & Publications
Project-Base Learning: Creating a Modern Education of Curiosity, Innovation & Impact
What Is Magic? Unit 1 of the Harry Potter Themed Series
The Science of Climate Change: A Hands-On Course E-Book
Pair This with the Stargazer's Notebook for a Fantastic Year of Astronomy!
Engage the Hands & the Head! The Way Science Is Best Learned.
Level 2 Biology Second Edition Workbook
Yes, 3rd Grade Students Can Learn Chemistry!
Students Love Learning about the World around Them!
Project-Based Learning through Storytelling!
A Year of Stargzaing for You and Your Family.

Students Testimonials
When nothing prevents our being able to do what we pleasure
is to be welcomed and every pain avoided.
Hi! I’m listening to my 6.5 year old ASD/ADHD/SPD/GAD kid in his science class with Blair right now, and I just feel like everyone should know how incredible these classes are. They’re hands-on, engaging, absolutely challenging but also totally appropriate for interested young kids, and FULL of great science. Blair and Alison have been so patient and kind with Gus and they do a great job developing a comfortable and exciting learning community. We’ll definitely be signing up for more classes and I’ll recommend them to anyone who’s looking. If you’ve been on the fence, give it a try!
Update: He is running around the house finding simple machines, and just grabbed a pencil to draw as many types of levers as he can imagine 💜
I just feel like everyone should know how incredible these classes are

We have thoroughly enjoyed ancient history with Sam Matalone Cook and would love to continue following the history courses under her instruction. Michelle’s writing workshop was a welcomed addition to our semester and the ease of adding on a quick workshop to the semester was appreciated. I do wish that I could take classes, too. The great selection makes me jealous; Fairy Tales and Feminism would be so incredible to join in and to learn with Sam! And the LGBTQ+ history and US courses! Blair’s enthusiasm for science comes across strongly and is encouraging for the young learners. So many great classes- so little time.

Sheila and Elisa

So many great classes- so little time.

From homeschooling parent classes to learn how to best guide our learners to outsourcing subject classes with passionate teachers, SEA Online Classes have been a vital part of our homeschooling journey. I am so grateful for the variety of subjects offered and for the wonderful team making it all happen. We are happy to support SEA online classes, where we hope to be learning for years to come! Outsourcing some of our subjects has been a positive change to our homeschooling curriculum. It has allowed myself and children to stay on target this year and I’m very appreciative of the teachers and this forum for our learning. Sheila

I am so grateful for the variety of subjects offered and for the wonderful team making it all happen

SEA online classes have a way about them that ENCOURAGES my child in a way that I know that EVERY instructor will bring my child to life, and empower my child to work harder as she WANTS to do her best. I never worry about a teacher who shames or uses cohesion in class. That is a gift! SEA has teachers of very high character and professionalism.

SEA has teachers of very high character and professionalism

Biology 2 has been a well structured class. The course content and materials cover the subject well and the weekly meetings have been welcomed for continuity. Blair’s enthusiasm for the subject comes across strongly and is encouraging for the young learners. Sheila and Elisa

Biology 2 has been a well structured class

Online Teaching Policies for Blair Lee

The refund schedule for classes is as follows:

  • Before class begins: Families will receive a full refund if they withdraw before the class begins minus a service charge of $25 per class per student if requested within 30 days of purchase. If requested after 30 days from purchase, families will receive 85% of total.
  • After class begins: No refunds.

It is important to note that the class has a limited number of slots and once the class begins, it is extremely difficult to then fill that space.

In the event of an emergency that requires me to cancel an individual session, I will work with individual learners to find a sufficient make-up strategy. This may include a recorded session or a rescheduled session.
I take a student-centered approach. I recognize that students have different comfort levels and experience with participating in online class environments. Students are welcome to participate in the way that works best for them. Students may opt out of being on camera.
I take a student-centered approach. All classes have work to do outside of class. I welcome families to do what works best for them, but I believe learners will get the best experience if they complete this work.

It is important to me that all students have a safe and enjoyable classroom experience, so I have some behavioral guidelines to reach that goal. My general behavioral guidelines are as follows (and will also be announced directly to students in an age-appropriate way):

  • Mute microphones if there is excessive background noise. 
  • No mean-spirited comments.
  • Students must wear clothing when on camera. 
  • No flooding the chat with off-topic content.
  • No sharing contact information with other students without parent permission
  • No disruptive behavior that distracts other learners.
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